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GE 9T23Q3464G03 75 KVA 480 to 208/120 Volts K Factor Transformer

Condition: New
  ge / 9T23Q3464G03

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Our Description
GE 75 KVA Isolated K-Factor Rated for Nonlinear Loads. 480 Volts Delta 208 Y/120 Volts 75 35.73 32.03 23.68 (6) 2 1/2% taps: 2 above and 12,b Wt. 535 lbs. Three-Phase. Product Description: These type QL transformers have passed the UL K-factor testing program. K-factor is a UL term related to harmonics. These units shall not exceed rated winding temperature rise at full load and rated K-factor. Neutrals are capable of handling 200% of rated secondary phase current. Full-width copper electrostatic shielding is standard on all GE K-factor rated transformers. Effective coupling capacitance is 30 pf. Common mode noise attenuation averages 120 dB, and normal mode noise attenuation averages 30 dB.
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Physical Condition: Excellent | Working Condition: Fully Functional
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